Thursday, 24 July 2014

Life's Roller Coaster Strikes Again!

Apologies for running silent for the last few weeks. Regular readers will be aware that it has been, shall we say, a challenging year to date! Now things have changed again but this time in a really good way. 

Earlier this year my husband and I fell in love with a house that was for sale. A friend was in the midst of buying her first house and we clicked on Rightmove to see the house that she was so excited about. We weren't looking to move. It simply wasn't the right time for us. Then we saw it! 5 months later and we have just exchanged contracts. We move in at the end of this month.

The new house is truly our dream house with gorgeous views of the water. It is just the right size, neither too small nor too large. It is in a prime location and our nearest neighbour is a Heron who stands and fishes literally just outside the garden gate. 

The other bonus is that I will finally get to have my very own craft room! 

All this means that I'm not sewing at the moment. I'm too busy turning our current house into an obstacle course of boxes and wishing that we hadn't accumulated quite so much stuff over the years! I swear it breeds.

It also means that I will be offline for a few weeks because we've just been advised that we will have to wait ten days after the move to get back on line...

I still plan to sew and to share my stitching progress but I think I'll be making soft furnishings for quite a while. There are so many new windows that require curtains, tie backs and/or blinds. There are also colour schemes to design, chairs to upholster and cushions to make. It is all so exciting! 

I still plan to start my stitch book and stitch tutorials but my giant CHS Village cross stitch may be on the back burner for a bit!

I promise I'll share some photos in August!

Friday, 4 July 2014

Does anybody else do this?

The moment I start stitching a project my head moves onto my next stitching project. It doesn't matter how much I've been looking forward to starting a project or how much I love the design. 

I'm stitching yet I can't wait to start my next creation. 

It is sooo annoying! 

Why do I do this? 

More importantly, how do I stop?

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Variegated Bookmark

I am no technophobe  I just like the look and feel of real books. My home is full of books and a pretty bookmark makes reading even more pleasurable. 

This stitching project was a departure for me as I used an Anchor thread instead of my usual DMC. The Anchor thread was an impulse buy. I just couldn't resist the colourful thread when I saw it in my local hobby store.

I believe this pattern is a web freebie but I've had it a while and I am ashamed to say that I can't remember where it came from, whomsoever you are, thank you! If you stumble across this page, please forgive me for my shoddy record keeping. 

I hope you like my bookmark and handmade tassel!