Monday, 3 November 2014

Beading Madness

I've been reading about the '40 hanger closet' and I've decided to give it go! Now I love clothes. To say that I have too many clothes is an understatement. Pre-move I had more than three double wardrobes cram packed with clothes. I buy classic styles and I look after them and now I have enough suits to wear a new one each day for a month. Add to that blouses, jumpers, casual wear, evening wear etc. and the closets are soon full! 

Post-move I have only one double wardrobe available....:0(

I've looked at each item as I've been unpacking to decide whether it has a place in my new regime. I've tried things on to check what fits nicely and to decide what 'feels' good on. It has been particularly hard to decide what to do with my favourite items. What is it that they say? 20% of your clothes get worn 80% of the time! It is so true! 

In the midst of this activity I rediscovered this evening dress. It is a beautiful dress but the silk is looking very sad in places. It wasn't in a condition to sell or give to charity.

It just seemed such a waste to throw away all of those beads so before I retired it, I thought I'd harvest the beads for future use. Little did I know that it would take me eight long evenings to remove them! 

 Now I have a large tub of black, gold and pearl beads available for my next beading project.